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150 Riverside Pkwy Suite 206 Fredericksburg, VA 22406



Shared Web Hosting Support

Our shared support plans offers your company a complete support solution.  The shared plan benefits a business with with lower support volume or requires partial coverage.
Shared staff assist multiple web hosting companies minimizing the support costs. These packages includes help desk support, telephone support, and live chat support.
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Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting Support

Our Semi-Dedicated support plans are for hosts that needs or want a boosted shared staffing.  Semi-Dedicated staff assist multiple web hosting companies like the shared support plan, however they support fewer companies so they can provide more attention to your customers.
Semi-Dedicated still minimizes the support costs and offers help desk, telephone, and live chat support in one complete package. This also offers a mix of Tier 1 and Tier 2 support specialists.
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Dedicated Web Hosting Support

Our dedicated support plans provides a support specialist, dedicated solely to your company. You are able to choose the shift hours and manage them as if they are your staff.
Dedicated agents eliminate overages, your company will choose a Tier 2 or Tier 3 agent, and work in the area you need them. Dedicated agents will require a training  period to learn about your company services.
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Hosting After Dark

Many hosting providers support requests drop in the off hours.  Having an in-house support agent scheduled during these hours can be expensive and hurt your bottom line.  Our 100% North American support specialist have you covered.
We cover your help desk, live chats and take your clients calls during these hours with branded support. We have tier 1 and tier 2 agents staffed during these hours giving your company's support a boost.
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