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Server Monitoring

Our Server Monitoring service allows us to keep a close eye on your hosting servers. We can minimize downtime and identify areas of need quickly and correct them efficiently. If you have a Tier 1 Support package with us, the cost is only $24.95 per month per server!

We have a robust cluster of servers that utilize a customized Nagios monitoring application from various geographical locations. This service allows us to monitor servers, services and any other web based device.

Our highly trained technicians monitor the system for alerts 24×7, 365 days a year to ensure a rapid response to service related issues. If a service is down we will action the alerts to restore access and if the entire server or device is offline we will contact your Data Center to request a reboot on your behalf.

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Server Management

Our Server Management consists of two main areas, proactive and reactive server management.

Proactive server management allows us to locate potential problems by keeping your servers up-to-date, and communicating with you and your staff to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Clients should never tell us when a problem arises. We have live agents online 24/7/365 to ensure you have the highest possible uptime each month. Every update is scheduled with you.

Reactive server management focuses on resolving an issue which has occurred quickly and correctly. Agents investigate the root cause of failure to prevent future recurrance of the same issue.

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Emergency Server Support

Server issues can happen at the worst time possible, and it does not wait for your server admin to be on shift. Server outages can affect your business and its reputation. IP Geeks is always staffed in-house with a 100% North American server admin team.

Our server specialist accesses your server within 60 minutes.  On login we then implement a temporary fix for failing service, and once we gain control of the service we perform server audits. Once we have a permanent fix you then can decide the next steps.

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