Outsourcing IT Support For Companies Of Any Size


Server Monitoring

  • Accurate responses
  • Trackable response
  • Timely responses

Server Management

  • Restored server health
  • Consistent server health
  • Increased and consistent server security

Help Desk Tickets

  • Accurate and trackable responses
  • Timely responses

Live Chat

  • Fast pick-up
  • Issue resolution without a ticket
  • Effective triage

Telephone Support

  • Clear and positive communication
  • Efficient/quick issue triage
  • Issue resolution without a ticket
custom work support for dedicated servers

Custom Work

  • Tier 2 and 3 work
  • Look after critical tasks
  • Perform system updates

Why Hundreds of Hosts Choose IP Geeks for Outsourcing IT Support


After 18+ years of helping businesses like yours in outsourcing IT support, we know a thing or 3 about maintaining and supporting all major hosting platforms.

100% White Labeled Outsourced Support

We are an extension of your IT team and nothing less. Set your company apart by equipping it with faster hosting support and maintenance via outsourced web hosting support. 

Intercontinental Team

Our offices exist in Canada and the United States, however IP Geeks leverages the global candidate pool in order to find and hire the very best in our industry, ensuring that whatever support we provide to your brand, it’s top tier! 

24/7/365 Availability

While you rest or while you work, our expert team will be there to provide best-in-class outsourced support services to minimize system down-time and idle communication.

Customizable support packages

Our hosting support solutions are completely customizable to fit your business needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.  

Above-average Communication

We’re there when you need us. Not only do we offer chat, phone and email communication to prospective and current clients, we accept slack invites so that our staff can communicate in real time with clients.


Happier Customers

Outsourcing IT support with us means improvement. Your customers require quick response times & consistent server up-keep to remain happy. Luckily, our expert hosting support technicians ensure prompt and accurate resolutions across all customer touchpoints – 24 hours a day and 365 days out of the year. 

outsourcing IT support


More Support, Less Stress

Your business needs you in more places than one. IP Geeks is here to help you get back to growing and refining the business. Relax knowing both your outsourced support and end user tech support is handled by experts and your customers are happy.


Cheaper Cost

Hiring, training, and supporting an internal team is costly. Instantly save money and time by outsourcing customer support to IP Geeks for a fraction of the cost. Keep more money in your business to fuel growth, investments, and innovation.

By The Numbers

Our best-in-class outsourced web hosting support impress our customers and their customers with reliable support and maintenance.

5+ Years

Employee Tenure

Your business is in good hands when the people who know it the most stay. While the average employee stays with a company 3-4 years, ours stay even longer. This ensures those who have experience keeping your servers up and responses timely remain.

3+ Years

Average Retention Rate

Our customers stay happy because their customers stay happy. Our dedication to the success of our client’s businesses is reflected in our retention, reviews, and referrals. Some of our longest retained clients have been with us over 10 years.

18+ Years

Remarkable Service

Leave the most critical part of your business, your customers, to a company who has time-tested and proven systems to provide quality support and maintenance. With nearly two decades in the field, we have knowledge of nearly all platforms, applications, and utilities.

What Our Clients Say

Having Slack so I can talk to the techs in real time makes streamlining support better than I ever imagined.

Adam, Web Host

Migrating to our new platform was a pain, but IP Geeks really stepped up to take over the work and turned a nightmare into a dream come true!

Larry, Web Host

I was blacklisted every other day until I picked up Server Management. Now, the only feedback I get is how great my servers are running!

James, Server Management Client

Every few months, I request a one-time task and IP Geeks delivers without fail.

Kelsie, former Monitoring Client and ongoing task-requester

My startup business can’t afford 24/7 staffing for support. IP Geeks was my first stop when I started outsourcing, and now I don’t plan to go anywhere else 😀

Eric, Server Vendor

I’ve left other outsourcers because they had high minimum support requirements. IP Geeks let me customize a package around my customers’ needs, and has no problems adjusting when my volumes do.

Adam, Web Host

IP Geeks provided me the Tawk app and admin privileges when they took on my chats, and I have more control now than when I had my own app.

David, Reseller

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