Whether you’re an IP Geeks support client, or a host who just needs a hand with something,

IP Geeks’ Admin Hours is the solution for you!

Tier 2 and 3 work can be requested, scheduled and carried out in order to look after critical tasks and components on your servers. Whether it’s installing a new component, upgrading something, or doing a mass migration from old to new servers, IP Geeks Admin Hours has you covered!

The path is clear when it comes to getting these hours filled! Simply follow these steps:


Open up a brand new email, and address it to [email protected]


In the email let us know about your server(s) that require work:

Number of affected servers, Server Operating System(s), Hosting Platform (if installed), Disk Usage, Urgency


Then, let us know about the issue you’re experiencing! 

Include as much detail as you can, such as what evidence you discovered on the issue as well as anything you may have done in order to relieve the problem yourself.


Send it off!

At this point, our team will review your request. If you’re a client, we will confirm the work/time/cost required, and offer a schedule during which to complete it. Once you confirm with us, we’ll proceed!

If you’re not a client, the process is exactly the same – though between confirming the requirements and carrying out the work we’ll add a step where we create an agreement covering the one-time work, and create a billing profile for you in our system so you can pay for our service.

When carrying out this work, we’ll advise once the work is completed – or let you know ahead of time if more hours than estimated are required before we complete it. And that’s it! We’ll keep open communication with you throughout the process, and advise on completion.

To request Admin Hours