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Live support, coupled with the convenience of text.

The most successful hosts cater to the needs of their clients. Those needs often involve finding information or solving problems in usage or operation of their websites and related services. That’s where we come in!

Seamless, Trackable and Proven Chat System

IP Geeks offers Live Outsource Chat Support specifically to meet the needs of hosts all over the world! We have partnered with Tawk.to to provide a seamless, trackable and proven chat system with myriad features! Even cooler is that if you use Tawk.to for your chats already, we can join up to yours so you don’t have to reconfigure anything!

Web Hosts that choose to outsource live chat give their clients an enormous leg up when it comes to what problems they can solve, and how quickly they can do it. For clients, being able to hold a live conversation with a support agent while also sharing data in text format unlocks a whole world of potential. For hosts, outsourcing this pivotal service means generating increased customer satisfaction while decreasing the internal workload.

How does outsource live chat work?

outsource live chat support

First off, we use tawk.to to outsource live chat. We work with hosts to understand the need, schedule and other parameters for the chat service, and then take it live. We’ll create a widget in tawk for you, and then add our staff. We’ll add members of your own team as well so that your team may take chats, or just review stats and transcripts as needed! We’ll provide you that widget so you can place it on your site, and take our chat service live!

Agents work in much the same way as they do over phones and tickets, in that they’ll first triage the issue. If it can be solved quickly it’ll be handled over the chat. If it is expected to take some time to resolve, agents move those chats into tickets where we can then follow up with customers.

Marrying the best of phone and ticket support, chats allow agents to go a bit deeper when solving issues by leaning on the copy-and-paste feature in the live chat, all while not bound to the same time constraints as phone support(billed per-minute). Just like tickets, chats are billed per-instance.

Whether customers misplaced or dunked their phone, prefer written communication, or just don’t have the time to sit on hold chat offers them an avenue to get all kinds of support they might not otherwise. And whether hosts need free time, a better app, or someone to offer a helping hand there’s no better time than now to outsource live chat with IP Geeks!

You and your customers will enjoy numerous benefits when they open a chat:

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