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Why Choose Us for Linux Support?

Dozens of hosts trust IP Geeks for Linux support on hundreds of servers. Here’s why:

Flexible Support Packages

We have flexible plans for our Linux support to fit your needs. We recognize that each business is different and your plan should be ideal to the requirements of your business.

Above-average Communication

We offer chat, phone and email communication to prospective and current clients, we also accept Slack invites, so that our staff can communicate in real time with our clients.

North-American Team

Our IT support team is almost entirely based in North America. We have one location in the United States and another in Canada.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Your Linux servers run 24/7 and your support should do the same. People will have issues at any time and someone should address those issues right away.

White Label Support

Just because you have opted for our Linux support, does not mean your clients should know about it too. We provide white label support that places an experienced team behind your brand name.


Our proven process for quality support is backed by 18+ years of providing  Linux support. We use that experience to help businesses like yours meet customer expectations. 

By The Numbers

Our best-in-class outsourced web hosting support impress our customers and their customers with reliable support and maintenance.

5+ Year

Employee Tenure

Your business is in good hands when the people who know it the most stay. While the average employee stays with a company 3-4 years, ours stay even longer. This ensures those who have experience keeping your servers up and responses timely remain.

3+ Year

Average Retention Rate

Our customers stay happy because their customers stay happy. Our dedication to the success of our client’s businesses is reflected in our retention, reviews, and referrals. Some of our longest retained clients have been with us over 10 years.

18+ Years

Remarkable Service

Leave the most critical part of your business, you customers, to a company who has time-tested and proven systems to provide quality support and maintenance. With nearly two decades in the field, we have knowledge of nearly all platforms, applications, and utilities.

The Other Problems We Solve

  • Tiredness

    Actually, this is both emotional problem but a physical one as well. Running a business can be a hectic and tiring. As providers of Linux support we never take a rest to make sure that you can.

  • Anxiety

    Are you anxious about a lot of things? With your business? There must be so many things that you are worried about. We make sure that you have one thing less to make you anxious by taking over your web hosting support.

  • Lack of Satisfaction

    It can be difficult to keep all of your customers happy and satisfied but with IP Geeks providing your Linux support, you can be certain that your customers will be satisfied and happy.

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