Help Desk Services Your Customers Know & Love

The Help Desk is the most iconic communication tool employed by hosts – customers know they can log into their portal or send a direct email to Support, and somebody will answer their question or assist in solving their problem.

A – Z Help Desk Services

With our Help Desk Ticket Support, we’ll handle all your regular ticket duties, including (but not limited to):

Providing account information (once verified)
Advising on outages, maintenance, etc
Sharing connection info for FTP, Mail and more
Correcting basic issues on accounts
Unblocking blocked IP’s
Correcting basic website problems
Providing advice, access to KB or other how-to assistance
Triaging issues to correct departments
Advising on Hosting best practices
PHPMyAdmin and MySQL Usage Assistance
Script-installation assistance/guidance
And so much more!

Fully white-labeled Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services provided by IPGeeks is no less iconic – and fully white-labeled! Regardless how many of your tickets we’re answering each month, we’ll always log into your help desk directly which helps your customers see responses coming from YOU!

We use YOUR Help Desk

1-25 > $5 per ticket + $25 admin fee

26-100 > $5 per ticket, no fee

101-500 > $4.50 per ticket, no fee

Why should you use IPGeeks help desk services?

With IPGeeks you’ll never have to worry about help desk services. You might be wondering how is that possible? Well, we actually understand the needs of our clients. Not only that, we understand that every customer is unique when it comes to help desk services. That is why our staff is trained to your specific needs!

We continuously learn, are up to date with every techy information and are always there to help out when it’s requested. Throughout the years, we have learned how to understand each and every aspect of this industry and we pride ourselves with having one of the best teams out there. We always provide our customers with fast solutions, that ensure any problem is solved and your business is always running smoothly.

Our help desk ticket support staff works around the clock, 24×7×365. That’s right, your clients will always be attended to, no matter what or when. We’re dedicated to providing both you and your customers with knowledgeable support, based on years of experience. Try our services and you will surely be amazed!

Help desk services are tasks dealt with by NOC – Network Operations Center. A Managed Service Provider or MSP can have multiple NOCs that assure support is provided on time and even non-stop. When a customer has issues with their service, they are reported to NOC and assigned to the appropriate level of technician, depending on the issue. Each NOC can monitor multiple problems at one time and keep the client aware of the undergoing tasks.

Depending on the severity of the issue, one or even more NOCs can work to ensure a satisfying result. They always monitor services, predict arising problems and solve them before they even happen. NOC also takes care of updating your software and keep the operating system secure.

IPGeeks will provide you with around the clock help desk ticket support and monitor your services. We’re always online when you have an issue and never take a step back when it comes to solving problems.

With our help desk services, we’ll make sure that whenever a ticket is received, we’ll provide quality support – just like we would like to receive, if we were an end customer. Not only that, but we’ll also provide guidance, correct basic problems if we’re asked to, advise on web hosting related issues or installing scripts. Yes, we can do all of those, plus many more!

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