Welcome to the Suggestion Box.

Like the name implies, we’re opening the floor to you – our customers. Though there’s a twist:

Instead of offering us suggestions (we have places for that already), this is where you can ask for advice or request solutions from us for things you might not normally expect from IP Geeks.

Someone once asked, “But why?”

We have wonderful relationships with hosts and related businesses from around the globe. Helping people has always been a part of our mission, and sometimes the best way to do that is to simply listen.

Over the years we’ve grown into something more than just support. We’re now partnered with amazing service providers in a number of fields. As we grow and shape the future of our business, the time is now for us to find out just what it is our customers want – and need – most. Maybe it’s support and CS, reception, infrastructure, or something else. No matter what, we can help or point you to someone who can.

Sure, we’re support. But we’re so much more. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you need today!

Our existing customers can open a ticket in their portal. And anyone with email can send requests direct to us at [email protected].