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150 Riverside Pkwy Suite 206 Fredericksburg, VA 22406

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150 Riverside Pkwy Suite 206 Fredericksburg, VA 22406

About IP Geeks

About IP Geeks

Our goal is to free your time and your pocketbook so you can grow your business or take a much-needed vacation without the worries of managing your own support. We can ensure that your servers will stay up and running with innovation and experience unlike any other in our field. We offer a brand of support that will benefit your clients with a superior level of service. With us on your team, you will have more time than ever before to do the things you want to do. Let us help build your business and save you money!

Our Responsibility to You:

If there is one thing a company needs more than any other to be successful, it is customers. Happy customers will stay with you and help bring in new business. We look after our clients with that in mind. It is not enough for us to just do the bare minimum. We want you to grow, so we can grow with you! Your success is our success. Whatever your support needs may be, we have the right solution for you.



As important as a solution may be to a problem, making sure your customers can both understand and use the information we share is a top priority. In doing so, we minimize the number of repeat calls and tickets, ensuring that we can give ALL of our clients the attention they need and deserve.

How IP Geeks Helps

Above all, we believe that flexibility, innovation, and customization are the foundation for effective, affordable solutions.

  • Branded Support
  • 100% North American Support
  • 24/7 Staff Availability
  • Free Support Audit
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trusted Hosting Specialists

Below is a some of technologies that we support

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