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Hosting brands can enjoy expanded operating hours, offer multiple contact outlets, and keep servers running tip-top at all times with these services:

Customer Support:

This is your user-facing support and customer service suite. With these services, IP Geeks will engage your customers to answer questions, provide support and guidance, and resolve problems.

All of our Customer Support options are fully White-Labeled, ensuring that every customer interaction is between the user and YOU.

Help Desk Tickets

We use YOUR Help Desk

1-25 > $5 per ticket + $25 admin fee

26-100 > $5 per ticket, no fee

101-500 > $4.50 per ticket, no fee

501-1500 > $4.00 per ticket, no fee

Live Chats

Powered by

1-25 > $5 per chat + $25 admin fee

26-100 > $5 per chat, no fee

101-500 > $4.40 per chat, no fee

501-1500 > $3.80 per chat, no fee

Telephone Support

We provide a DID to terminate your calls

1-60 > $2 per min + $25 admin fee + $10 DID fee

61-180 > $2 per min + $10 DID fee

181-600 > $1.75 per min + $10 DID fee

601-1800 > $1.50 per min + $10 DID fee

Server Stewardship:

Uptime issues? Need an Installation done? Or are you finally ready for some good old peace-of-mind?

Regardless your reason – IP Geeks Server Stewardship servics offer a range of reactive and proactive solutions for your servers!

Server Monitoring

Site 24×7 configured as needed

Per Server No Support

$40 per server per month

Per Server With Support

$24.95 per server per month

Server Management

Powered by Green Olive Tree

Per Server with No Support

$140 per server per month

Per Server with Support

$125 per server per month

Bulk Servers?

Contact Us

Other Services:

We do so much! All of our plans are customizableĀ  – and if there’s a service you need that you don’t see on our site let us know! We can help with all kinds of work from acquisitions and exits to mergers, consulting and more! Send us an email any time to [email protected], and one of our Managers will be delighted to discuss your needs!

What Our Clients Say

Having Slack so I can talk to the techs in real time makes streamlining support better than I ever imagined.

Adam, Web Host

Migrating to our new platform was a pain, but IP Geeks really stepped up to take over the work and turned a nightmare into a dream come true!

Larry, Web Host

I was blacklisted every other day until I picked up Server Management. Now, the only feedback I get is how great my servers are running!

James, Server Management Client

Every few months, I request a one-time task and IP Geeks delivers without fail.

Kelsie, former Monitoring Client and ongoing task-requester

My startup business can’t afford 24/7 staffing for support. IP Geeks was my first stop when I started outsourcing, and now I don’t plan to go anywhere else šŸ˜€

Eric, Server Vendor

I’ve left other outsourcers because they had high minimum support requirements. IP Geeks let me customize a package around my customers’ needs, and has no problems adjusting when my volumes do.

Adam, Web Host

IP Geeks provided me the Tawk app and admin privileges when they took on my chats, and I have more control now than when I had my own app.

David, Reseller

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