Information is the single greatest tool in our arsenal. IPGeeks LLC and its partners and clients will use numerous types of information in order to offer and deliver on services that will attend to the need of your clients and/or infrastructure. This policy identifies the types and uses of information necessary to our work.

  1. IPGeeks LLC will only ask for information that is deemed necessary for the understanding and carrying out of support duties for its clients.
  2. IPGeeks LLC will only retain information provided by clients and partners for the length of the business relationship. Information that can be returned will be returned on request, or destroyed/deleted once deemed necessary.
  3. IPGeeks LLC respects your privacy, and will never share or sell your sensitive information to third parties.
  4. IPGeeks LLC will take every reasonable precaution to secure information shared with our team; both through restricting access of information to authorized parties, and through standard security practices.
  5. If information provided to IPGeeks LLC by a client must be changed for any reason, we will alert the client to the change, and the reason behind it in a reasonable time frame.
  6. IPGeeks LLC may provide information to clients in order to perform it’s job supporting your customers. Information provided by IPGeeks LLC to it’s clients is considered confidential.